Traditional Media Prints and Originals

My commercial illustration business has at times provided me with some satisfaction in creating the images of wildlife and the outdoors that you see in my portfolio galleries. However, by its nature commercial art exists to support sales of a product, or enhance a consumer’s experience. It is ephemeral, usually lasting only as long as an ad campaign or a product’s useful life. So while I do enjoy pleasing my clients and creating the work, I still would prefer having a more lasting impact on an audience.

The art on this page is all about directly feeding the soul, and holding on to the sights, emotions and memories of my experiences in the natural world. For me, art is all about creating the space that I choose to inhabit. The walls of our homes and offices keep out the heat and cold, but they don’t have to restrict our minds and spirit. Where is it exactly that you wander when your attention is not wholly owned by some essential task inside your walls? Me– I’m out someplace where I can feel the breeze, see the sparkle of water running over stone, and smell the approach of a summer shower or winter squall.

In addition to my choice of subject matter, I also think it’s important to create art using renewable materials and nontoxic pigments. Because really now, we’re kinda past the point where we can compartmentalize our actions and disregard selected portions of our environmental footprint, aren’t we? I also happily have an affinity for charcoal, graphite and black ink and their ability to capture form and texture; so the first series of images I’m posting to this gallery are drawings on paper. Sometime in the future, though, I will be adding a few pieces of digital art as a way to indulge in color without using cadmium, lead or solvents.

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